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Artist Bio – Louis Helbig


Louis Helbig is a Canadian aerial art photographer. He brings his unique perspective – as pilot, as artist, as thinker, as citizen – to the various stories he pursues.

In his work, Louis Helbig uses the evocative power of art to create space for viewers to reflect, imagine and think for themselves. This philosophy is best evidenced in his ongoing projects, “Beautiful Destruction – Alberta Tar/Oil Sands,” and “Sunken Villages” about the communities destroyed by the St Lawrence Seaway in 1958.

Louis Helbig’s work has been commented on and published in mainstream, academic, and critical art publications; he has given presentations and mounted exhibitions at various public and private institutions; his work is held in public and private collections worldwide.

Raised in Williams Lake, BC, Louis Helbig’s art is influenced by a range of experiences including that of: competitive cross country ski racer, bush pilot, economic historian, cabinet minister’s advisor and university instructor. His academic credentials include a BA from McGill and an MSc from the London School of Economics. He left Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs in 2006 to become a full-time artist.


Louis Helbig

613 263 0264

louis (at) helbig (dot) ca