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Patricia O’Duffy

Isabel: “Pop Stuart always carried a bag of candy in […]

Norm Esdon

Heritage Lost I have the stones but not the bones […]

Vale Brownell

“I find some of the younger generation are interested in […]

Alan Edward Rafuse

“When they were cutting down all the trees and the […]

Dale Ault

“All I remember was it was going to be a […]

Craig Stevenson

“That was something. Because, you know, you get the whole […]

Max Rutley

“People are more outspoken today and I don’t think that […]

Isabel Hunter

“When Hydro went through we were only allowed … because […]

Joan McEwan

“I started teaching in 1956 in Moulinette. And the two […]

Liliane McKennirey

“Having read Maggie Wheeler’s books, it made me think about […]

Juney Vyfvinkel

“In a way it’s a shame that it had to […]

Henry Vyfvinkel

“I came to Canada in 1956 and I actually came […]

Mavis Nixon

“It was a beautiful little village, situated right on the […]

David Hill

“My Dad used to tell the story – well, of […]

Sally Grant

“That was very interesting ‘cause I’m, like, 12. I was […]

Jennifer DeBruin

“The young children know bits and pieces. In my opportunities […]

Emma Hollingsworth

“My uncle Bill – that would be Annie, the teacher’s, […]

Rosemary Rutley

“Some of the men had come down and a camp […]

Bill Gallinger

“When the cofferdam was blown up, the people around on […]

Morris Shaver

“When I was going to high school – I went […]

Art Buckland

“In terms of the Seaway itself, we moved five times. […]

Stephen Layton

“I mentioned when they blew the cofferdams in 1958 – […]

Jim Brownell

“We just want people across Canada and the world to […]

John McIntyre

“In the way that people would be displaced by not […]

Lyle Van Allen

“I used to show my pictures in conjunction with Fran […]

Mary Cope

“And then I made a second quilt and it was […]

George May

“The feeling that I try to maintain on it is […]