Joan McEwan

“I started teaching in 1956 in Moulinette. And the two guys you interviewed before, I taught both of them. Well, David when he was in grade 6 and Doug when he was in grade 5.

And I was in Moulinette school until we … The town disappeared while we were there. Then in… ’56, ’57… In the fall of – would it be ’57? – they moved us to Mille Roches.

And in those days nobody packed up your stuff, you had to do all that yourself. Kids had things in paper bags and we got them on the bus and there were paper bags breaking and stuff rolling all over the floor. That’s one thing I remember: Trying to collect all this stuff afterward and get it back to the right person.

Anyway, and then we were in Mille Roches until February of 1958 before Long Sault School was ready. And while that was happening, the town of Mille Roches was disappearing. The only thing left by that time – I think they were just tearing down the Catholic Church which was beside the school, when we moved out and went to Long Sault.”

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