Liliane McKennirey

“Having read Maggie Wheeler’s books, it made me think about the psychology, the ramifications to people’s morale for having lost their home, their everything. And being relocated, yes, being relocated but…

I’m not sure. I haven’t met anybody else that was as affected and perhaps I just don’t remember. But I do remember friends whose houses were moved to either Long Sault or Ingleside and, you know, it was so too bad, we lost this… But on the other hand, they still had their house that was physically moved.

Particularly in her book, she just has snippets of explanations of where her mysterious characters are looking for clues, for who did the murder. And a lot of it has to do with the Upper Canada. But it’s just little snippets here and there.

And I thought, oh yeah. I can’t tell you them right now because I did read her books quite a while ago, but I just remember the effect that it had on me and it was mainly the psychological effect of having lost… because she was explaining in some of her books the losses I guess that were happening to people because they had lost this and they were doing something else and the weaving that she was doing in her story building just reminded me of the feelings that I was harboring, that had never been visited.

And finally it made me think and I thought, okay, I’m glad that’s finished. I can indeed move on.”

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