Patricia O’Duffy

Isabel: “Pop Stuart always carried a bag of candy in his pocket.”

Joan: “Yes! I remember that. At church.”

Isabel: “And passed it out to the kids.”

Joan: “He wasn’t supposed to give it to the kids at church and then he’d give us all candy.”

Patricia: “He’d have a suit on always. He’d have like a suit coat on, a white shirt. And then he was a real tease. He’d have a fly on his collar and he’d be looking at you and you’d say, ‘There’s a fly!’ ‘Well, hit it off!’ Well, you couldn’t because it was made of metal. And you’d hit it and then you’d realize.

And then he’d have a string hanging out with thread in the pocket, you know. And then he’d say, ‘Well, pull that thread! Where’s it come from?’ You’d be pulling the thread! He was terrible.”

Joan: “He was a big jokester.”

Patricia: “He was a jokester. He had no kids. But we rented the last house in Wales from him. He owned that house. And they burned it. And I see it on one of the videos that Frannie made, burning it. It’s a funny feeling.

And I always want to go on Google and look where you lived when you were a kid. I can’t. ‘Cause it’s underwater. ‘Cause a lot of my friends do that and I say, ‘I can’t do that!’ But, anyhow. Oh, I have good memories.”

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